Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Matt Smith talks "How to Catch a Monster"

Matt Smith has been speaking to "Total Film" about being cast in Ryan Gosling's directorial debut, "How to Catch a Monster":
“I was in New York and I was about to fly back, and then I got a phone call saying Ryan wanted to meet me and come over. So I read his film and I thought it was brilliant.
“And then I auditioned and we spent about four hours together doing some stuff, and he filmed it on his iPhone. And that was it. And now I’m going off to shoot it in a couple of weeks."
“I’m really excited. I think he’s really clever, and I think it’s going to be an exciting project.”
Matt goes on to talk about the research for the role - and also states he'll be using an American accent:
“Yeah. I’m doing lots of research around different people and stuff. But, again, I won’t go into too much. I’m sure this is all fine to talk about. When I know I can, I will."
“But I’m reading a couple of books. I’m watching a couple of documentaries by a particularly famous documentary-maker everyone knows and has seen one of his documentaries. And obviously just trying to get the acting right. But at the moment, I’m shooting Who. Sort of juggling both balls, as it were.”
There's more from Matt in Total Film's "Future 100" issue that will available on 10 May 2013.