Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Matt Smith on "Victoria Wood's Nice Cup of Tea" - Preview and Transmission Info

The BBC have confirmed that episode 2 of "Victoria Wood's Nice Cup of Tea" which features Matt Smith will air on Thursday 11 April 2013 at 9pm on BBC1.  Alison Graham of the Radio Times has this to say about it:
Victoria Wood concludes her amiable amble around the history of our national drink, chatting to celebrity tea-lovers Graham Norton, Matt Smith and Morrissey.   Smith reveals that “tea and a scrambled egg sandwich” are both his and Doctor Who’s idea of heaven. Norton, meanwhile, is intrigued by the fact that a cup of tea is always “a nice cup of tea”, while Morrissey is rude about the tea-cosy Wood brings him as a present.
Wood roams to Blackpool, where she has her tea leaves read; to Boston, where she joins a Boston Tea Party tour; and to Yorkshire, where she slurps and spits with a professional tea-taster.
The official synopsis for episode 2 reads:
 2/2. The comedienne concludes her two-part history of tea closer to home, with visits to Woburn Abbey, Blackpool and Harrogate. Along the way, she enjoys a cuppa or two with fellow comic Graham Norton and Doctor Who star Matt Smith, and also pops across the Atlantic to New York - home of the teabag - where singer Morrissey is putting the kettle on.