Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Hugh Bonneville - Doctor Who Items Charity Auction

Hugh Bonneville - better known to us Who fans as Captain Avery from "Curse of the Black Spot" - is auctioning off a selection of items from "Downton Abbey" and "Doctor Who" for charity.  The charity is The Singing Bird School Trust and there are currently two "Doctor Who" items on offer.

1. Curse of the Black Spot signed cast and crew tshirt plus signed photo

A definite collectors item here and Mr Bonneville will add a signed and dedicated photo too.  The description reads:

I know collectors of Doctor Who memorabilia are very serious about it so I will be VERY SERIOUS in my description, too.
This is an exclusive Cast & Crew T-shirt created by Griffrig Rigging for the episode 'Curse of the Black Spot' (note the skull & crossbones above the Doctor Who logo), in which I played Captain Avery. The shirt has never been worn, you'll be relieved to hear, and I have signed it with a silver marker. I suspect the signature wouldn't survive a wash, so this is for the genuine collector rather than for someone who desperately wants to walk round town in a Doctor Who t-shirt with a signature on it and 'Griffrig Rigging' on the back.
I will add a signed photograph of me as Captain Avery, dedicated as directed by the winner of the auction.
Proceeds are going to a local education project, The Singing Bird School Trust  -  Reg. Charity 1045051.
Thanks for bidding!
To bid, go to: Curse of the Black Spot signed cast and crew tshirt plus signed photo

2. Doctor Who CD and Signed Photo

A CD and signed photo - both signed by Barnaby Edwards:
Doctor Who item passed to me by The Audio Adventures of Doctor Who Writer and Doctor Who Dalek, Barnaby Edwards. Now let's face it, not many people can claim to be both.
This is a CD of an episode written and signed by Barnaby, The Emerald Tiger, starring Peter Davison. It's not in its wrapper due to being autographed but otherwise is in pristine condition.
Also, a signed 10 x 8 photo of Barnaby Edwards and 'his' Dalek.
I'm really grateful to Barnaby for his allowing the proceeds of this auction to be put towards an education project for which I've been raising funds, The Singing Bird School Trust  -  Reg. Charity 1045051. 
To bid, go to: Doctor Who CD and Signed Photo

Bidding for both auctions ends on 11 November 2012.  Get bidding - some great items and a very worthy cause.