Sunday, 25 November 2012

BBC Shop Exclusive Season 7 T-Shirts

The BBC Shop have some terrific new Season 7 T-Shirts available for pre-order - one t-shirt for each story so far.  They're priced £17.99 and there is free UK delivery:

Asylum of the Daleks:

"Oswin's Souffle Cell" - I like the fact that this shirt has quotes from the episode on it such as "somewhere underground, I think" and "too beautiful to live".  It's a great shirt, only available in red and, as the BBC Shop proclaims, it is an "exclusive, limited edition".  As the BBC description reads:  "This design celebrates the first appearance of Oswin Oswald and her love of making soufflés, by creating a logo for her own soufflé themed eatery. Of course, the logo contains a few hints that perhaps Oswin is not all that she seems…."

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship:

Yes, it's Tricey!  Again, this shirt links beautifully to the episode: "After a rip-roaring adventure dodging dinosaurs, robots and a ruthless, galactic whealer-dealer it’s not surprising Brian needed a little holiday. Inspired by his desire to see the universe and that very helpful Triceratops ‘Tricey’ on board the Ark, this design imagines a fictional travel company run by Brian and The Doctor. Think of the sights you could see and the adventures you could have with those guys."

A Town Called Mercy:

Of the five, this one is my favourite - and yes, I might already have pre-ordered it.  I love these shirts because they're not overly obvious.  The description for this one is:  "While obviously related to the fantastic western themed episode, this design is actually inspired by the prequel short ‘The Making Of The Gunslinger’ where Kahler Jex’s Experimental Cyborg Program and the creation of Kahler-Tek is shown in action. Of course this highly dangerous program is protected by the Abaraxas security software that The Doctor manages to by-pass, despite its claim of ‘Incinerating Intruders For Three Centuries’"

The Power of Three:

Another really cool shirt - this one includes the UNIT logo: Every team needs its own dedicated uniform and this ‘Team Cube’ t-shirt is exactly that. The job of ‘Team Cube’ is to observe the mysterious cube at all time. The design had to adopt The Doctor’s slogan ‘In It Together’ and of course, Team Cube would have to be a division of U.N.I.T. so why not Kate Stewart’s ‘Scientific Research’ division?

The Angels Take Manhattan:

Lovely imagery again - and, of course, it had to have the Statue of Liberty, didn't it?  The description reads: So the Statue of Liberty is a Weeping Angel, who knew? Inspired by this iconic, incredibly scary image and the creepy Winter Quay apartments, this logo design imagines the the Angels ‘battery farm’ as a retirement home with it’s slogan “Your Time Is Our Time” Well, every human battery farm needs a front right?

Wonderful t-shirts - and these are currently available from the BBC Shop for pre-order.