Saturday, 26 May 2012

Matt runs with the Olympic Torch - BBC don't show it live

So, we all get up early - 6am - to watch Matt carry the Olympic Torch on the BBC live torchcam. The feed clicks in with runner 3. Matt was runner 1. So, what happened? Well, apparently Matt's run was through a pedestrian zone that the media vehicle can't get to. Okay - but surely they knew that? They KNEW their vehicle couldn't get there - so why tell the world they could watch Matt live when that was so obviously not true? Not good, BBC. Not good. The BBC have stated that the run WAS filmed - and a link will be up later. I will post it here when it emerges but in the meantime, have some pictures:

Courtesy of Official Doctor Who Twitter feed:

The following pictures of courtesy of Alun Vega who you can also follow on Twitter: