Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Music Videos - 11th Era - Part 1

What's not to love about music videos? When done well they are superb. I'm pretty rubbish at them myself - I can never match the clips to the lyrics or the rhythm of the song. The ones I'm recommending here are pretty fantastic - and hopefully, this should become something of a weekly series. If you have some you'd like to recommend then let me know either by commenting below or emailing me: whonatic@gmail.com.

First up, an Eleven/River video that will take your breath away. It's by Guardian Jupiter and you may recognise the music (it's been used in a trailer):

Now for a couple of Eleventh era tributes - both by VG934 and they are probably the videos I watch the most:

Next, a couple of "episode" videos - a "Day of the Moon" tribute by Tardistakeoff called "This is War"; Kolosigma's wonderful "Curse of the Black Spot" video set to the Muppets "Professional Pirate" and K9HumpsMyLeg tribute to "Closing Time" with "You've got a friend in me":

Next week, I'll put up some of the more character based videos together with some multi-era Anniversary tributes. Please recommend your own too.