Sunday, 1 April 2012

Daleks - "All of them"?

Following the "Fresh from the Set" photos published by the BBC earlier this week and their description of "but which design? The answer is ALL OF THEM!", speculation has been rife. Could they really have every Dalek design since the 60's included in one blockbuster episode?

The answer appears to be a firm "yes". Steven Moffat tweeted the above picture following this "tweet" exchange with Arthur Darvill:

From the photo above, we have lots of cobwebs and dust - so have they lain dormant somewhere? Explosions have been reported via twitter - a Dalek war maybe? Now, if you lighten the pic that the Moff tweeted, you can see the base of a later design Dalek behind Karen Gillan. The bigger "bumper" at the bottom and it appears to be gold coloured. Also, in the lightened version, you can see they're either in some kind of building or ship - underground bunker maybe? As per "Genesis of the Daleks"? "Graveyard of the Daleks" anyone?

Whatever the answers, episode 1 of Season 7 is shaping up to be a little cracker.