Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Matt Smith on Radio 1 - Wednesday 4 January 2012

According to the Official Doctor Who Site Matt Smith will be joining Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 tomorrow from 9am. Here's the release from the BBC:
History has given the world some epic rematches between legends like Ali and Frazier, and Borg and McEnroe. But dwarfing these icons we have the real deal tomorrow: the rematch between Zane Lowe and the Doctor himself - Matt Smith!

All this week, Zane is standing in for Chris Moyles on BBC Radio 1's Breakfast Show and tomorrow (Wednesday) Matt will be the star guest. He'll be pitted against Zane as they try to come up with songs for different categories. Listeners may recall the two have faced each other before in this contest, with Matt emerging victorious! You can view photos of their first battle here!

So, to catch the fun, tune in to BBC Radio 1 from 9am tomorrow. You can listen and get more details here.

Of course, we can't demonstrate any bias and have to be even-handed with both competitors... But, come on, Matt!