Friday, 4 November 2011

This is the "Game of Rassilon"...

The BBC "Doctor Who" site is a veritable box of delights - and from time to time you stumble across an almost hidden gem. Such is "The Game of Rassilon". It's basically a quiz - and there's one for every Season 6 episode (together with the occasional "Monster Special). You answer 10 random multiple choice questions about the episode - and you're timed. You start with 10 seconds on the clock for each answer - answer within a second and you get 20 points...answer within 2 seconds you get 18 points and so on. The more you play it...the quicker you become.

Take "The Wedding of River Song" for instance. Currently, I'm sitting in 8th place on the High Scores Board with 292 points out of a possible 300 (my pen name there is "drfrankentweed"). My first attempt was around 250. The questions range from easy ("What are the final words of the episode?") to ones you definitely have to think about ("Who directed 'The Wedding of River Song?").

You can play with the sound on - so you get video clips from the episode and occasionally the cast being interviewed etc but for those on slower computers there is the option to play without sound (speeds up the process somewhat).

Have a go - see if you can beat my score in "The Wedding of River Song"!

Here's the link to "The Wedding of River Song" quiz:

The Game of Rassilon - "The Wedding of River Song" and simply scroll down that page for links to the rest of the quizzes.