Thursday, 17 November 2011

DWM - Issue 441

The new issue of "Doctor Who Magazine" hits the shops today and, once again, there is a veritable cornucopia of delights within it's pages, such as a few teasers about the Christmas Special from Steven Moffat:

"This episode contains the words 'looms', 'panthers' and 'wish' and the line 'watch and learn, kid' followed by a loud crash. And frankly, if you can't figure out who says that line and does the crashing, you're watching the wrong show."

Steven Moffat's Production Notes are always a highlight and he does reveal a little bit about what we can expect as regards "Doctor Who" in the future. A break now - and it's for a good reason: partly due to wanting the show back in Autumn/Winter (quite right too) and partly because of the Anniversary, as the Moff puts it:

"Be assured the planning has already started. Very soon now, "Doctor Who" is going to enter production for the longest sustained period we've ever attempted, and the biggest and best and maddest time ever to be a fan of this wonderful old show is rumbling towards us."

Also in this issue is an excellent interview with Marcus Wilson - I love his comments about how they take criticism from children very seriously - plus a terrific interview with Steve Hughes, director of "Closing Time".

There's a close look at "Earthshock" and an interview with David Troughton who is taking on his father's role of the Second Doctor for the upcoming Serpent Crest audios. The usual features are there plus a great inside look at the mini episode written by the children of Oakley Junior School - this feature also pays tribute to "Doctor Who Confidential" which supposedly breathed it's last following "The Wedding of River Song".

Honestly, you really should get this issue - you should really buy every issue quite frankly - and it's available in all good newsagents now priced £4.50.