Monday, 6 June 2016

Promo Image & Synopsis - Jemma Redgrave - "Holby City - Missing You Already"

The Synopsis and promo images for "Holby City" Series 18, Episode 36 - "Missing You Already" - have been released.  Due to Euro 2016, the episode will air on THURSDAY 16 June 2016 at 8pm on BBC1. There is 1 promo image featuring Jemma Redgrave - full size version in the Who-Natic Gallery.  
A major train accident gives Dom the perfect opportunity to escape back into work mode. 
Bernie's husband is fighting dirty in the divorce, turning her children against her. The mother of a young train victim overpowers Bernie with her grief, leading her to confront her own failings as a mother. 
Zosia's keeping her grief bottled up, but Ollie's there to offer a shoulder to cry on. Is their romance about to be rekindled?

Full size image in the Who-Natic Gallery.

Thanks to Jonathan at Life, Doctor Who & Combom for the image.