Monday, 26 October 2015

"The Girl Who Died" - Consolidated Ratings

"The Girl Who Died" has a consolidated 7 day rating of 6.56 million (not including repeats) - an increase of just over 1.7 million from the initial overnight figure of 4.85 million.

This puts the episode eleventh for the week on BBC1.  The consolidated ratings so far this series are:

"The Magician's Apprentice" - 6.54 million
"The Witch's Familiar" - 5.71 million
"Under the Lake" - 5.63 million
"Before the Flood" - 6.05 million
"The Girl Who Died" - 6.56 million

This figure includes those who recorded and watched the show within one week of transmission - plus iplayer views through televisions.  It does not include pc/laptop, tablets or smartphones - initial figures for which will be released by BARB in their Online TV Player Report on Wednesday.