Saturday, 9 August 2014

Peter Capaldi - Shortlist Magazine Interview

"Shortlist Magazine" recently interviewed Peter Capaldi - and the interview was accompanied by the new photo above.  Let's hope the large version of this photo becomes available very soon.

The interview concentrates on Doctor Who but also touches upon the Oscars and Malcolm Tucker:
You have said you were into Doctor Who growing up – how big a fan were you? 
Doctor Who was part of my upbringing in the Sixties, with The Beatles and Sunday Night At The London Palladium and school milk and bronchitis. It’s part of me. I had a huge collection of books and autographs and pictures, but when you reach the age of 17 or 18, you move on and discover sex and drugs and rock’n’roll. I’m ashamed to say I had a kind of bonfire of the vanities. I was quite a major geek, I had a huge collection of wonderful stuff, but I threw it all away to go and drink lager and eat curries. That was silly, wasn’t it?
You can read the full interview over at Shortlist Magazine.