Monday, 7 July 2014

BBC Worldwide apologises after Series 8 scripts appear online

BBC Worldwide always seem to be apologising for something.  Either they're sending dvd/blu-rays out before they're supposed to - leading to some fans receiving them before the episode aired - or they mistakenly send an email to everyone instead of one particular department - leading to Matt's departure being announced earlier than it should have been - or, this time, they put the scripts for episodes 1-5 of Series 8 onto servers left open for public indexing, allowing the content to be found on google for instance.

It didn't take long for these scripts to explode onto the internet and, whilst some desperately want to remain spoiler-free, others are happy to read and spread the contents.  Personally, I won't be reading them.  I want to SEE the episodes as opposed to merely reading the scripts.  If, like me, you want to remain spoiler-free then I would say to avoid Tumblr.  Why?  Because whilst a good number have read the scripts and put any spoilers under a cut, a lot have just posted what they want.  Some have tagged their posts "DW Spoilers" so try and use Tumblr Savior - and set it to ignore "DW Spoilers" - it might help.

How did this happen?  Well, the Radio Times have done a bit of digging and have posted a very good article explaining why and how these scripts were discovered and downloaded.  It seems that video files were on the server too - but thankfully these don't appear to have been downloaded.

Oh, BBC Worldwide.  You really are just Cock-up Central.  But for giggles, here's their apology in full:
“BBC Worldwide is currently investigating a security issue around Doctor Who Series 8 where unfinished material has inadvertently been made public. We deeply regret this and apologise to all the show's fans, the BBC and the cast and crew who have worked tirelessly making the series." 
“We would like to make a plea to anyone who might have any of this material and spoilers associated with it not to share it with a wider audience so that everyone can enjoy the show as it should be seen when it launches. We know only too well that Doctor Who fans are the best in the world and we thank them for their help with this and their continued loyalty."
The words "horse", "bolted" and "stable door" come to mind...