Thursday, 30 January 2014

Matt Smith News: "How to Catch A Monster" Set For October Release?

Remember this?  Our first clue that maybe Matt Smith would shortly be leaving "Doctor Who" was when he was photographed last year on the set of the Ryan Gosling film "How To Catch A Monster".  Since filming finished there's been a severe lack of information surrounding a release date however it seems that this might have just changed.  In an interview on the Urban Outfitters Blog, musician Johnny Jewel (member of "Glass Candy" and "Chromatics") talked about scoring the film and mentioned when it might be released:
The project I'm most excited for outside of the bands is this film I'm scoring that was written by Ryan Gosling How to Catch a Monster. It's his first feature-length as a director. He's not in it. It stars Christina Hendricks, Saorise Ronin, Ben Mendelsohn, and the dude that plays Doctor Who [Matt Smith]. He's crazy, he's the villain. He's really disturbing, and psychotic. He has a shaved head, and he wears this gold lamé jacket and drives around with a beat up chair on top of a convertible in dying Detroit. The soundtrack is incredible. We've been working on it since February. It's gonna come out in October, and it's gonna be really cool. This French cinematographer shot it, so it's absolutely gorgeous if you like beautiful but strange cinema.
As the interview took place over the weekend of 4/5 January 2014 then it's assumed they've been working on the soundtrack since February 2013 and release is due October 2014 - not too far away but worth keeping an eye on various film festivals from Summer onwards.

Thanks to Ryan Gosling Addicted for the heads up on this.